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As defined by parents: A casual place where you will learn all the basics that we could teach you, but don't have the time for. Grades are very important, especially during the last final years. You will develop friends who will help you appreciate your life in the future. And, as most say, "High school was the best four years of my life."

If you ask a high schooler, he would say, "This place is about learning to become another sheep in society. I can dress how I want, but I can't wear certain colors. I could ask any girl out in the school, but there's a good chance she'll say no. I could spend my time trying to become popular, but then I sink to the same level as them. I could do drugs, and get them, in no time flat, and still get away with it. Whatever I want, I can get. Insubordinance is met with cruel discipline. We are put through tests that are meant to make us think and retain knowlege, but they only test us on cumulative knowlege. Basically, you realy don't learn anything new, but rather repeat everything you learned in elemntary and middle school until you can do it in your sleep. But the worst part of high school, is the fact that no matter how much you try to find out who you are, express new ideas and try to stear away from everyone else; you are ridiculed to the point of changing your ideas, morals and beliefs to fit in, masking yourself to fit in, or down right filling the school with bullet holes, screaming 'Fuck them all.'"
Parents: "Oh, you'll love high school! Just think about all the new and exciting things you'll learn!"

Student: "Everyday is the same. I wake, go to school, try to pay attention while the all the desks are full, and people are standing in the back. Then, I walk through the halls, trying to dull my senses to filter out all the bullshit I hear. Finally, I get to my next class, and my teacher is lounging in his chair and his breath reeks of Jack. He can get away with it, but when I go to class drunk, I get suspended. Yes sir, high school really does prepare you for life."
by Truckee_Local June 11, 2005

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