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To Party Hard and Extreme.

Sounds like--> "yoy-ee-za"
Man A-"DUDE! what are you doing tonight?!"
Man B-"DUDE! Im gunna joyza all night long!"

Man A-" Hey gurl, wanna joyza tonight?"
Gurl A-"HA...umm..no... no one wants to joyza with you.."
by Tru-Six-1-Fo March 11, 2009
A horrible, not perfect, ugly person. Prob someone that does not have many friends.
Man A-"DUDE! look at that thing over there!"
Man B-"Which one?"
Man A-"The one by the doors!"
Man B-"Dear god........"
Man C-"RUN for your lives! its walking this way!"
Man A,B-"OMG!!! its got my arm!"
...to be continued
by Tru-Six-1-Fo March 11, 2009
A word used when playing King's cards beer drinking game and that person gets hammered and puts two words in one as in Quang, Queen and Hang.
Guy 1: Okay lets rhyme Bang!
Guy 2: Dang!
Guy 3: Chang
Me: Quang!!!
by Tru-Six-1-Fo January 30, 2011

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