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Snaggin is the act of going to a pow wow or first nation event and hooking up with a girlfriend or boyfriend, or a weekend fling, in reference to fishing when you dip a hook in the water and pull quickly to "snag" a fish
"Hey theres a group of hotties, lets go snaggin"

"I can't wait to go snaggin this weekend in Kamloopa!"
by Tru rez injun October 14, 2004
In reference to living on a first nation reserve, and allowing something to wear and tear completely
"Man,that indian car is rezzed out!"
by Tru rez injun October 13, 2004
The act or feeling of being banned from a bar when one is too drunk, used in other forms not referring to the original literal definition
Guy 1 "I'm gonna go talk her"
Guy 2 "I dare ya"
Guy 1 "Hey, what's your digits?"
Hottie "In your dreams"
Guy 2 "Man you got barred out"
by Tru rez injun October 13, 2004

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