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2 definitions by Troy "SlasherMcGee"

Announcing you would straight up stuff a bitch.
Guy 1:"Shit man, look at that bitch over there."
Guy 2:"Dude, she could stand to lose a few."
Guy 1:"Fuck dude...I'd hit it."
by Troy "SlasherMcGee" August 29, 2005
The act of resting your nut sack on another person's shoulders, ergo, your nuts resemble a "parrot". Throwing in a "yar" or "aye matey" only increases the effect.
John is chillin at a party mackin on some Bitch. Larry sneaks up and sets his balls on John's shoulders while yelling "avast ye whores!!". Hilarity ensues.
by Troy "SlasherMcGee" August 29, 2005