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'Smum is a term which can be added onto any name or proper noun in order to change that term into an insult. In general use it is added onto a name in order to embaress the recipient.
person a) "Hey, I just had sex with sarah!"
person b) "'smum! LOL!"
person a) Damn your erudite wit!
by troy March 22, 2005
Short for asshole, in that arco's logo resembles your a-hole.
"You fucking Arco..."
by Troy March 15, 2005
"dog" spelled backwards.
The dyslexic child named his new puppy "God."
by Troy February 06, 2003
A Type of map in starcraft / broodwar that has traps.
The Map: Heaven Bound
by Troy July 12, 2004
When you are recieving a blowjob and when you splooge you hit her in the mouth, allowing to blood and cum to mix, creating a strawberry swirl
PERSON - Are you phsyically abusing my friend?
ME - Na, I gave her a strawberry swirl last night
by Troy May 25, 2004
a term used south of the ohio river by total dolts.
1) i am going to bang my sister
2) why come you want to fuck your sister
by troy October 31, 2003
it is the new hum vee. instead of the H1, or newer H2 models it was directly cinfigured with the mafia in mind. a stylish new vehicle for italian maffia nerds to drive around in place to place bustin' people's balls
john gotti wishes he weren't dead so that he could have ridden in style to get pizza in a new H6 Maffia.
by troy October 30, 2003
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