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A situation where, while having sex, a man elects to pull out and ejaculate on a woman's chest. This event is immediately followed by the man leaving the room having said nothing else to the woman. It is often the case that the man does not even get dressed before leaving. This act is most often associated with one night stands, but has begun making its way into longer term relationships as well. Some believe this act is done to symbolize a male's dominance, while others believe that there is no symbolism involved.
Dude, I'm so bored of just shooting off. Next time I think I'm gonna hit a Walk Off Home Run on her just to change things up a little bit. I think she'll appreciate it.

Dude, remember that girl that we saw last night that looked like Katie Perry? Well, I totally jacked a Walk Off Home Run on her last night! She won't be forgetting me anytime soon.
#walk off homerun #walkoff home run #walkoff homerun #wank off home run #wank off homerun
by TroubleMaker002 May 25, 2010
A swirling, chaotic force of unwanted, and ultimately useless, fact and/or opinion that has been known to actually suck surrounding souls into its tempest of painfully bland conversation. These catastrophic events have been primarily confined to the Midwestern United States, and are especially frequent in Columbia, Missouri, which has been tragically hit several times in recent years. Attempts to ignore, avoid, or overlook this cyclone of fruitless monologue have failed miserably as it appears that there is no way to escape this hellish small talk.
Friend: Dude, you look like you just saw a ghost. You're pale as hell and your eyes are bloodshot. What the hell happened?

Victim: ...Joe Strummer...Natalie Portman...A New Hope...Dr. Octopus...Hippo Attacks...World's Deadliest Alligator...Mating Habits of Orangoutangs...Tan Colored Clothing..............

Friend: Oh, shit...Your soul has been captured. You were hit by a Soul-Nate-O weren't you? Cruel villainy!!!
#soulnateo #my fair natey #boner #buzzwood #ground pigeon
by TroubleMaker002 May 01, 2011
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