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1- Shitty advice over the internet.

2- Other name for information, that you could've easily found on Google, but instead you had to post a question in a forum, to raise your post count, and with it, the size of your penis.

3- What people give to others, that don't know the meaning of "Google" or "search".

4- Shit.
1/2/3- Question: Could some one help me with this? How can I disable the thumbnails in Vista.

Reply: LOLZ! YOU WAT!/ TITS or GTFO/ Stop talking shit about my mom!/ I've slept with her, lol!/ etc...
(between other numerous replies, that only add to the repliers post count or shitty reputation, and don't actually give an answer to the question)

4- Stop taking advices!!!
by TropX October 11, 2009

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