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A game that EA and DICE made to crush call of duty but it failed at it although it worked well.This game has been made for players who search for realism and are not looking to be quick scoped , no scoped , and be killed by an over powered gun.But the heavy competition had made CoD players join BattleField3 and are ruining the game with quick scoping , no scoping , and whiny bitches with kinects.As battlefield players are not welcoming CoD players and are trying to push them out but they are failing.Already the rise of the quick scopers has begun on battlefield3 in 2012.And soon a noob invasion will follow and this game will turn into CoD eventually.This game has been well known for trolling , destructible environment , realistic sniping , and vehicles.But for the players who hate trolls it has been rare for trolls.This game is more team focused than CoD and it takes team work.This game actually has vehicles and no killstreaks so it takes no skill or kills to obtain vehicles.
CoD player:Quick scoping is so cool!
BattleField3 player:GO BACK TO COD NOOB
CoD player:Make me
BattleField3 player:*rams C4 jeep into CoD player
by TrollingOki October 14, 2013

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