2 definitions by TrollOfGBSP

there is probably only one girl in the world with this name.
she has got swag and loves going to camps about books. music defines her life and she enjoys fruits and eggs. birds are fine with her too.

tons of nicknames have been thought of with her name, and they usually just make her laugh.

at times, she can be boy-crazy, and tends to enjoy ranting to people from miami about her crazy endeavors with guys. in the end though, hiu hiu is a fun, loving girl and makes fast friends that stick with her forever.
- Person 1: who is that asian running around screaming her ass off?! - Person 2: probably just some hiu hiu
by TrollOfGBSP July 13, 2011
a city in california that is 20 minutes away from stanford university. it is in the middle of two national parks, and the people there are some of the nicest ever.

is often confused with vermont.
Person 1: I live in Fremont!

Person 2: VERMONT? Thats not in California...

Person 1: I said Fremont...
by TrollOfGBSP January 02, 2012

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