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6 definitions by Trog

An blackmail some (but not all) minorities like to use when they don't get their way.
POLICE OFFICER: "Sir, excuse me but you cannot panhandle in the park per city ordinance"

PANHANDLER: "Yes, I can, that's my god given first amendment freedom of speech"

POLICE OFFICER: "You need to move on now sir or receive a citation"

PANHANDLER: "I'm gonna NAACP you, the police department, and the city!"
by Trog March 16, 2005
A funny sounding way of saying, "Bah!" or "Damn!"
"Half life 2 has just had it's release date delayed."
by tRoG February 28, 2004
The backs of your knees. (I don't know a better word for them!)
I've got an itch in my goulter.
by Trog June 16, 2004
1) To pass wind. Expulsion of gases from the anus, often noisy and foul-smelling.
2) 'old fart': a middle-aged/older person who is bad-tempered.
1)Who just farted?
2)That old fart complains all the time!
by Trog June 16, 2004
Erotic pleasure derived from contemplation or admiration of one's own body or self, especially as a fixation on or a regression to an infantile stage of development.
Every time I slap down a teen on a forum, I get a little bit more GOBO each time
by Trog April 10, 2003
A man who relies on his ability to seem sensitive and cry on demand to get laid.
by TROG September 25, 2003