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2 definitions by Tro-Tro

1)One who hugs a bus. This collection breaks down into two sections:
A)Smart Bus Hugger: Hugs back or side of bus
B)Retarded Bus Hugger: Hugs front of bus. Very rare.

2)Someone who is the complete opposite of a tree hugger and advocates industrial growth to the point of enviromental destruction.
1) He isn't a very smat bus hugger is he?

2)He cut down the entire forest to put a soap factory. He is such a bus hugger.
by Tro-Tro July 22, 2008
2 1
An adjective describing one's level of special.

The way of measuring special.
They can't deny our specialocity.
by Tro-Tro July 22, 2008
1 0