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word formed during camp focus'04 during life presentation journal.. supposedly to be a gurkhese vulgar language.
(1)can be expressed as a friendly form..
hey how r u machikeneh!!!
this chicken taste awfully like a machikeneh!!!
(2)can also be expressed as an infriendly term...
u bloody machikeneh!!
hey u shiitin with me u machikeneh?!!?
that girl behaves like a machikeneh!!!
(3)can also use it whenever u like.. like when u feel like saying machikeneh.. jus sae :D
by Tristan Legolas September 12, 2004
being greedy.. very very greedy...
E.g in a buffet restaurant
wa.. u so kiasu for what? one shot take 5 plates.. can finish or not?
by Tristan Legolas September 10, 2004

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