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A muppet operated by a team of migets that was in the 3rd Star Wars movie. Looked like a fish and had his own ship. Basically answered the question "What if James T. Kirk had been a carp?" Also had a voice that was reputed to be a poor imitation of Sean Connery. His two good lines are frequently used in situations between grunts (who are Star Wars geeks) where the command has totally bunged things up.
"It's a trap!"

And to a lesser extent-

"It's no use, General Calrissian, our crusiers can't repel firepower of that magnitude!"

(And yes, I am quoting this from memory. That's just sad)
by Triscuit July 12, 2004
Hott ass person that has a sexy body that you want to get on
MMmmm Luke is lucious.
by triscuit March 29, 2003

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