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2 definitions by TripleRainbow

The director of the film "The Room". He's also the Writer, Producer, and the Lead Actor. Beware of his film, because it's a riot! A Black Comedy that's a must see.
Tommy Wiseau- Lets eat huh.

Guy - What does Huh taste like?
by TripleRainbow August 03, 2010
A star that everyone is familiar with and gives false hope to people on their knees, but never grants any wishes because it is owned by Disney.
Disney owned the Wishing Star ever since the release of Pinocchio, and many other Happiness-related items.

The Wishing Star does exist outside of Fairy Tales! You'll find a shimmer of it inside of Disney theme parks for at least $73 per person as of September 29 2010.
by TripleRainbow September 29, 2010