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Verb: Using Google to search for knowledge. Intended to imply that knowledge is at ones fingertips. It is meant to be used sarcastically, especially in an office environment.
Acronym: Google The Fucking Question.
Joe asks:"Hey, what is the capital of New Zeland?"

Jane answers:"Gee, I don't know - why don't you GTFQ on that nice laptop of yours!"

Jimmy says: "Wait, I need to GTFQ before the boss asks me about it!"
by Trip Nixon March 04, 2009
Etymology: explain; rant

Definition: An explanation that is also a rant; a rant that has an explanation in it; an explanation that has the tones and themes of a rant, but still gets an explanation across

Verb or Noun
"Before I explant, let me start off my chastising every one of you..."

"Wow, Bill's explant was great! I mean, in between all the curse words was a real explanation of why the bosses are really screwing us over."

"Done explanting?"
by Trip Nixon September 22, 2009
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