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(SMA-kid-uh) v. n.

Can be used as a verb or noun describing the act of sex esp doggystyle. Also Smackeda. The sound you hear when you're tappin that ass.
1. are you ready for the smackeda smackeda
2. last night we were smackeda smackeda till the sun came up.
3. she's not ready for the smackeda
by Trinide October 25, 2007
genital region. UK usually for men. USA usually referring to women.
Keep your yard trimmed.
"My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard." -Kelis
by Trinide September 14, 2007
A more recent term for Jungle fever. A black man or woman who favors a white lover or vice versa. (A black man with a white girl and the coochie is pink. Or a white man with a black woman the coochie is still pink.)

Or a Multi-racial person.
1. My boy C-west as militant and afrocentric as he claims to be, has favored Neopolitan for as long as I could remember.

2. I hooked Susan up with D-mack and she's been Neopolitan ever since.

3. -Yo homie wassup wit cha girl Keisha?

-Who Keisha??? She aint feelin you money, she strictly Neopolitan you dig??

4. Susan had a couple Neopolitan babies now you can't tell her she ain't black.

by Trinide December 01, 2007
A term used to define a male esp brown skinned, or someone who is down for your cause. or who will fight for you.

Like the knuckles of Tommie Smith and John Carlos. They raised thier knuckles to the sky wearing black gloves standing on the olympic podium in 68 to symbolize the explosion of the black revolution.
I'm down for my knuckles, I'll ride for my knuckles, this is for my knuckles.

Fuck a Nigga! I only have love for my knuckles.
by Trinide October 25, 2007
The very thing that makes a man a man. His Dick.
Fukkin wit an older woman it's already case closed; cause I put my He-Man in the power of grayskull
by Trinide May 14, 2007
Head from a teenage chick. Perferrably over 16. basically the lipgloss age 17-23. Inexperienced.
You're 17??? Well I aint trying to F*ck, but if your lip gloss is poppin we can kick it.

You never see Kels with a woman his age, but his lipgloss game is something fierce.
by Trinide October 25, 2007
A dance where a woman shakes her titties. A dance for women who have big breasts and no ass. they still got something to shake. Those milk jugs.
"My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard." - Kelis
by Trinide September 14, 2007
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