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A shanty town built by the homeless during the Bush Depression of the early 21st Century. These settlements are often built on unused/abandoned land, or under freeway overpasses, and consist of jerry-built tents, shacks, cardboard boxes, or other makeshift dwellings by those who lost their jobs during this economic downturn. Named for the President, George W. Bush, whose conservative policies and greed are responsible for the Depression which also bears his name.
The construction workers who lost their jobs threw a Bushville together down by the river.
by trimmers March 10, 2009
The name assigned to the second great economic depression, started in 2008, so as to differentiate it from the one which spanned the late 1920’s to the mid/late 1930’s. This huge economic disaster began during the term of the criminal George W. Bush (W = worst). The roots of the Bush Depression can be traced to the Republican deregulatory, “voo-doo economic” policies initiated under Ronald Reagan, continued by subsequent Republicans, and brought to a head by Bush's twisted regime. This greed-based house of cards finally collapsed, sending the U.S. economy into turmoil.
I lost my job during the Bush Depression, and now I'm standing in the soup line.
by trimmers March 06, 2009
A Chevrolet HHR. Something was definitely lost in the translation in this GM attempt to cash in on the Chrysler PT Cruiser idea. But the HHR seriously sux!
When I arrived at the airport, the only rental car left was a POS Homo Hot Rod.
by Trimmers January 12, 2009
Any one of a number of Las Vegas shows performed by French Canadians acrobats. Heterosexual males will be transformed into homosexuals by attending just one such show.
After forcing him to accompany her to Cirque Du So-Gay, Fred's wife was surprised when he dumped her in favor of an old hockey goalie.
by Trimmers January 12, 2009
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