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3 definitions by Trilly

Like putting someone In the Hood, but after the victim's hood is up, their hoodie strings are pulled until the hood's opening is almost completely closed. If the hood-er is good, they can get the strings tied before the hood-ee breaks free. It is considered the equivalent of an atomic wedgie for the head. The phrase was coined at Centennial Campus Middle in Raleigh, NC back in 2005.
We ambushed Evan after lunch with an atomic in the hood, and how sweet it was.
by Trilly February 02, 2006
When a Southerner orders iced tea somewhere outside the south, only to discover that it has alien flavorings in it.
I ordered iced tea in Maine and they gave me this peach-tea crap. Once again, I find myself a victim of iced tea assault.
by Trilly April 20, 2006
1. Term used to describe when one's hood is up.

2. What you yell when you come up behind someone and put their hood up. Like giving your friend a wedgie...but for their head. See Atomic In the Hood.
1. You can tell Joleigh's having a bad hair day, 'cause she's been in the hood all morning.

2. Dude, I so just hooded Alec.
by Trilly February 02, 2006