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A tranny vampire that feeds of the souls of orphans, and the disrespect of talented performers. Their only weakness is not getting any attention no matter how outrageous their attire is or ridiculous their dance moves are.
Me: Omg, there is that damn trannpire Lady Gaga again spouting her terrible frankenvoice all in my ears.

You: She is awful, but how do you know she is a dreaded and feared trannpire?

Me: Well just look at the way she feasts upon the souls of that pile of orphans and how no one of any talent respects anything she has ever done or will do, all while wearing ludicrous outfits that beg for your attention.......Classic trannpire.

You:Yeah, I see it now. Not to mention her pierced balls are coming out of the bottom of her shiny golden C-3PO armor while attempting to use crutches.

Me: Exactly. Our only hope now is that we can ignore her hard enough that she will fade back into the pool of talentless obscurity from whence she came.

You: ...... We can only hope..... /IGNORE

by Trilep March 23, 2010

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