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The cake in the story Alice in Wonderland which makes her grow to an enormous size by simply eating it. In the original story, the cake is not named, but is given a title in the 2010 Tim Burton film adaptation of the story.
"Wow," said Alice. "This upelkuchen lets me see the Queen's huge head from above!"
by TriforceLlama February 26, 2012
The small bottle of potion entitled "Drink Me" on a small tag at the top of the bottle. It allows Alice to gain a shrinking ability in Alice in Wonderland. It has no name in the story, but is given one in the 2010 film adaptation of the story.
"Oh no!" screamed Alice. "After having drunk all this pishsalver, I may just disappear!"
by TriforceLlama February 26, 2012
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