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5 definitions by TrickFace Killah

A person who is so lame and powerless that they need to control the jabronis beneath them, and make them do stupid shit, such as watching Margaret Cho stand-up.

Elijah, pick up that arbitrary piece of hay!
-No, you fucking donkey lord, you only asked me because you're sad, fat, and Amish .

The principle's administrative assistant is such a donkey lord. She gave me detention because my tramp stamp was showing.
by TrickFace Killah January 02, 2009
A deviant woman who participates in unsavory activities. She may drink, smoke, fornicate unscrupulously, and have red hair. Variations include dirty blondes, badly frosted ends, and mopheads. She has a sexy badass appeal, making her very dangerous. She is vulnerable to ass tickling, but should be avoided at all costs.
<Noun>: I thought she loved me (tears). How could I know she was a shadykaty?

<Noun>: Eh Jeb, you hear bought' that woman candidate?
-You mean that Clinton woman. I don't like er'.
Yea, well, I sure as hell ain't votin' for no goddamn shadykaty.

<Verb>: She lived with the hell's angels. How could she not be shadykaterized?

by TrickFace Killah January 02, 2009
Noun: A person places a cell phone between their legs, sets it to vibrate, and hopes he/she is not texted by his/her mother.
That textmassage was so thrilling I almost ruined my iPhone.
by TrickFace Killah January 02, 2009
Apathetic infatuation with video games as a means to cope with standing.
Doctor, my son is in trouble. His body has fused with his ergonomic chair!
-Sounds like a case of warcrapathy. I recommend a regiment of euthansia.
by TrickFace Killah January 02, 2009
A mental state in which a person is both bland and action-packed. See Nicolas Cage's movies.
Ole Mister Freeman's heartattack was cagetastic.

Mary-Anne sure is a cagetastic fuck.

Nice frosted tips, Jake. They're cagetastic.

by TrickFace Killah January 02, 2009