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62 definitions by Trevor

character from That 70's show played by Danny Masterson
Hyde lives at Eric Forman's house.
by trevor May 23, 2004
274 91
A british term used in relation to having sex.
"I was lookin to have a little in n' out with your sister."
by Trevor November 25, 2003
177 59
you get hurt or mad and you say fuck, but then you realize a lot of people heard you and then it is followed by a shit.
(stub your tow) Fuck(everyone hears you)shit!
by TrevOr June 15, 2004
232 135
The most KICKASS fuckin band you will ever hear!
listen to cky
by Trevor October 20, 2003
277 186
The fastest rapper alive. (13.5 syl/sec on "The Plague Anthem") Intelligent and often humorous lyrics. His label QN5 sports such acts as CunninLynguists, PackFM, The Plague, and Session.
Tonedeff is and always will be one of the illest MCs ever.
by Trevor May 11, 2004
131 43
Macaroni and chopped up hot dogs.
Damn they cookin us ghetto casserole
by Trevor May 25, 2004
64 7
a furry snatch
boys have penises, girls have bearded axe wounds.
by trevor March 09, 2003
68 21