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Getting something from or for another person pertaining to drugs, sex, alcohol, food, or living quarters; or may refer to giving a connection to a person that they may use to obtain any of the above.
1. Man, My appartment is out, you should give me the hookups
2. Dang, your friend is fine, gimme the hook-ups brother
3. Hey, I need some booze for the party tomorrow, see if you can get me the hookups
4. It's alright man, I know some people, I'll get you the hookups
by Trenidor August 03, 2006
(n.) the shape of a non-virgin woman's jeans over her vagina. It's how men tell if her cherry has been popped or not.
Dude, how can you think your girlfriend's a virgin, if she had a bigger v-pop it'd hit you in the crotch!
by Trenidor December 19, 2011

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