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When a man has not received oral sex from a woman for at least 3 months, he is the allowed to freely receive oral sex from ANY woman without being judged by his friends and/or family.

When a man has not had sex with a woman for at least 6 months, he is then allowed to freely have sex with ANY woman WITHOUT being judged by his friends and/or family.

The woman may be fat, ugly, old, young, really fat, fugly, or any combination herein. There is NO JUDGING allowed of any man that is legally eligible for a reset. Never ever!
"Hey man, did you really have sex with that 300 pound chick with the mullet?!?"

"Yes bro, but you can kindly shut the fuck up because I'm on a reset, Ok?"

"Sorry dude, I didn't realize it had been that long since you had gotten laid... I won't judge though, do you need any more condoms?"
by TreeSmokerAZ November 10, 2009
When marijuana is vaporized, the THC and Cannabinoids are extracted from the plant material. The left-over marijuana that remains after is then called "Pre-Loved."

It is called "Pre-Loved" because the word "used" is a negative word and nobody wants to use a negative word to describe such an amazing plant.
"I think this Vapor bowl is done, I didn't get a hit at all..."

"Go ahead and clean it out and load up another one!"

"Where should I dump it at, just in this ashtray or the trash?"

"Fuck NO man! That Pre-loved still has THC in it that we can use to medicate with! You should dump it into the pre-loved jar instead!"
by TreeSmokerAZ November 10, 2009
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