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acronym for "roll on my bed laughing extravagantly"
Thing 1: Hey, I'm sitting on my bed with my laptop right now
Thing 2: That's cool, I just set a cat on fire.
Thing 1: romble!!
by TreeBobJoe February 04, 2010
To be rockin' The BAM Effect
Jim: Dude, Leo totally looked like hell before, but now he looks amazing
Joe: Yea mang, He's totally Bammin'
by TreeBobJoe November 09, 2009
What Peter Parker and Mary Jane were thinking about during the scene of the second movie when he's got her in the web and she finds out that he is in fact Spiderman
*Scene where M.J. is chillin in the web while spider man climbs down

Person 1: You know what she's thinking right now, don't ya?

Person 2: No, what?

Person 1: Kinky Spider Sex
by TreeBobJoe October 04, 2010
Acronym for Fuck My Spelling. Almost like FML only you say it after you realize that you have horribly fucked up a word.
eYe_fAllEd_sPelleNg0239: So there was this Jahoover witness that came to my door today

eYe_fAllEd_sPelleNg0239: fms

Mister294: /facepalm
by TreeBobJoe November 04, 2009
The name of a store that overprices everything you buy from them. Acronym for Fuck your Economy.
Hey man, I went in for a new CD and came out with no money

Yea bro, that new store's an FYE
by TreeBobJoe November 14, 2009
A shit covered dick
Laina622, would you eat a muddy lizard for a million dollars?

Laina: Yes. For one million dollars, I would eat a muddy lizard.
by treebobjoe July 06, 2012

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