11 definitions by Treble

"Yo, I love pussy and all, but my girl got a smussy dog."
by Treble June 16, 2003
An asshole that has shit dried and caked to it.
"I forgot to wipe, so now I got an itchy gold mine."
by Treble June 16, 2003
After ejaculation, the semen(cum) is allowed to run down the shaft of the penis and onto the balls. Where it dries. Leaving a dry, flacky, white coat.
"I had to rush to jackoff this morning and I couldn't clean up, now I got a powdered donut."
by Treble June 16, 2003
A girl who is quick to have sex or give oral pleasure to anyone she meets.
"Last night, I was drivin' downtown and picked up a lady luck."
by Treble June 16, 2003

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