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An often misunderstood city with a rich proud history and a reputation for not TAKIN ANY SHIT! Situated in the Center of Alberta, it is the Capital and last bastion for anything resembling culture and open mindedness in this cold, god forsaken red neck province. It is filled with a million people of different backgrounds who prefer to mind their own business rather than risk getting dealt with. A place where police get NO LOVE (unlike Calgary) and gangstas still live by a code gotdammit! A city full of the most exquisite...friendly...intelligent females per capita than most any other N.American city. And they are all too willing to prove themselves during the short summer season! A place where idividuals can express themselves and are not judged SOLELY by how much money they make.
A wonderful place where if you act right and treat others with respect you usually get the same in return. But if you come with all that tuff talk, you WILL get your bluff called! And if you disrespect the wrong ppl you WILL get laid down quick!!
I thought Edmonton was on some slow ass prairie shit but I was DEAD wrong! That place is as real as it gets.
by Tre Seven September 08, 2009
A grossly overrated, sad excuse for a city that is filled with soulless, greedy individuals who think they are the shit. A town of red neck racists and nerds who think they got it goin on but seriously lack any sense of culture or heritage. A town with no appreciation for little things like art...music...comedy or indviduality. Its filled with clones and white collar wannabes (male and female).The females are the worst kind...Fake, stuck up and money hungry. The dudes are mostly quasi-homosexuals who have no swagger whatsoever and rely completely on their leased Escalades to attract these wack bitches. Just a sad sight to see. Having lived and worked in both Calgary and Edmonton, I gotta go with Etown every time. I suppose its what your into really. Neither is particularly amazing, but Cowtown really just has NO heart. And for my money, I prefer to stay down the REAL people(Edmontonians) and stay far away from all the fakers and the haters(Calgarians).
Yeah, my favorite band is coming to Calgary, but I will definitley drive to Edmonton to go see them cuz atleast they know how to party up there!! This place WEEEEAAAAAKKKK!!!
by Tre Seven September 08, 2009

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