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what a prostitute does when she's working; she's not socializing because she's in it for the money, she's HO-cializing.
"See those two tricks over there? Yeah they are definitely ho-cializing. A couple of hocializers, definitely."
by Travislicious April 05, 2008
when a criminal becomes the victim of a crime because he victimized someone at an earlier time; in other words, karma comes back on the criminal, the problem takes care of itself without the need for police or legal intervention. In theory, eventually all crime should diminish because of this theory, the oven should clean itself.
"Man, that banger got shot because he jacked those same dudes last week...it's okay because now his crew will roll back on them...they don't want to make a police report, it's a self-cleaning oven."

by Travislicious April 05, 2008

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