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Identical in use and meaning to feck, but with a Middle Eastern flair. The "kh" sound is a guttural noise similar to the "ch" in the German word "achtung" or the Scottish exclamation "Och aye!"
Oh, fekh. I lost.
Fekhoff, ya feeby barstid!
by TravisTomJay July 21, 2006
(noun) A more Scottish way of saying "bastard."
Look, ye barstid, Ah doon't like et!
Donnae be such a barstid, ye barstid.
by TravisTomJay July 21, 2006
(adjective) Relating to or resembling a feeb.
That new guy is so feeby. We should tear his lungs out.
You're such a feeby dweeb.
by TravisTomJay July 21, 2006

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