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To be in or with a group of Goon drinkers
"I was with the Gooneroid tribe last night and we were hanging out by Jubilee bruz"
by Travis Dere March 04, 2008
For three people to engage in a sexual act, in which a male or female is in the "doggy" style position. And one male is doing the individual in the middle from behind, whilst the other is copping oral pleasure.
Example 1: "Me and Ricky put this dirty mutt on spit last night in Jubilee"

Example 2: "That chick gives great blow jobs man, and Ricky said she has a tight pipe"
by Travis Dere March 04, 2008
To be violently ill after drinking, and/or still drunk. Also, after engaging in sexual intercourse with many people.
Example 1: "Kirby got so thrashed last night bruz, she humped everyone"

Example 2: "We got so thrashed off flagon last night"

Example 3: "I'm still thrashed after last night, it was off tap. I went woodies bruz"
by Travis Dere March 04, 2008
To be saturated in the cold with sweat, whilst wearing singlets and football shorts.
"Simo bruz stole the two fans because he was sweaty, now we're getting sweaty"
by Travis Dere March 04, 2008
To be in a state of complete and utter drunkness. And/or legless off a small amount.
"Simo was so woodies last night, he was thrashed"
by Travis Dere March 04, 2008
A park in which many aboriginals gather. For; engaging in sexual intercourse with other white trash, sniffing paint, pretending to skate board, fighting white people and drinking flagon.
Example 1: "I saw Travis and Crab drinking flagon last night in Jubilee after they finished off a can of Dulux"

Example 2: "These crazy aboriginals are starting on me because I'm wearing clothes without holes in them, Jubilee is hard"

Example 3: "White trash slags were getting thrashed last night in Jubilee. By these guys in the 'Jubilee Hard' crew"
by Travis Dere March 04, 2008
To be thrashed in a state of goonerisation. Or, to be unbelievably cool but unbelievably stupid at the same time
"That guy is so bald because he shit himself, because he was so thrashed off goon"
by Travis Dere March 04, 2008
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