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(v) To be under heavy influence of marijuana, to suddenly have the feeling that you yourself are starship cruisin'. Greatly effected by the song "Roundabout" by Yes.
Stoner 1-Ya man, i'm stoned to the max. 0_o
Stoner 2-(After great laughter) Woah man, lets go to burger king.
Stoner 3- Oh shit! Dude man, i'm starship cruisin'!!!!!
Stoner 1 and 2-Ya man! Woah dude, like man!
by TraviS DosseR June 09, 2010
Highbernation (n) The deep slumber in you fall into in various places and positions that you would never expect to find yourself in, because your fucking high.

Highbernate- (v) To fall ito a deep sleep after doing a bunch of doobage, and getting fucking high.
Stoner 1: Dude, hit this bong man.
Stoner 2: (Grunt) Snauff snurrt hoolger...
Stoner 3: This fool highbernatin', cause he's fucking high!

Narrator: Stoner 2 has fallen into his daily highbernation, because he's fucking high.
by TraviS DosseR June 17, 2010

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