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commonly the 3rd Imperium. Founded by Cleon Zhunastu of the Sylean Federation. A Form of Feudal Confederation.

Collapsed with the death of Emperor Strephon in 1116
The Imperium was a vast collection of planets ruled by an emperor.
by Travelnerd May 25, 2012
Short lived interstellar empire - also known as the Rule of Man or the second empire. Founded when the first valani empire fell to the terrans. Third Imperium dating sets this empire between the imperial dates of -2204 to -1776.

the -1776 date is arbitrary and is noted as the financial collapse of the central treasury.

This empire is the true Imperium of Man.
The Sylean confederation can trace it's origins to the failings of the Imperium of Man.
by travelnerd May 25, 2012

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