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1 definition by TravellerNY

Beautiful place. You can actually see and feel all 4 seasons. If you have a preference for the fall weather, this is the place to be. Extremely down to earth and friendly people. No sales or income tax means very helpful to your bank accounts, especially with a good job! Very clean and lots of outdoors activities! Arts and entertainment has plenty to offer, though a bit on the small-scale side, even for a small area. Plenty of bars and pubs, and one or two good clubs (only in Manchester). Now the bad: the only knock to NH is when it comes to initial dating and that aspect of social life...the women here are absolutely ridiculous! I've travelled all across America and have never encountered such unfounded drama or stupidity. Imagine how high school was, and add maturity (but nothing else). And all that is just for trying to get that first date!! However, as the natives told me how they cope with it, the saving grace is that Maine and Massachussetts are nearby. I tell you, it IS a huge difference, but it's a damn shame for all there is to offer here...skiing, white-water rafting, Southern New Hampshire still has a "small big city" vibe, etc. Oh, and they know how to drink.
Some of the most fun cities of New Hampshire include Manchester, Portsmouth, Dover, and Nashua.
by TravellerNY November 20, 2005