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alright, lets not be retarted and write something completely wrong like the one that came before this. what the other one describes is black kids who follow the kanye, kidrobot culture. not necessarily black scene kids because to be a black scene kid, there is a different set of criteria.

Black scene kids are basically and overa all like regular scene kids. They face the same stereotypical scrutiny, only because they are black it is sometims harder, or more difficult to explain what you are seing as how the african american culture is still working on their adjustment to this kind of "change" in the status quo.

Black scene kids can follow the typical scene culture, or can stray away, sometimes they are labeleg goth's by stupid black parents/adults who know nothing about today's youth.

Black scene boys can have relaxed hair to make it straight and silky, but can also have a low cut/shaved head or a fro. Braids are not common. They can wear skinny jeans, band tees, vans, nikes, any ,kind of shoes and clothing that is typically seen in the scene culture.

black scene girls often relax their hair or if you were just born with an unruly head of hair, weave :/ which in my term is coping out (be like the rest of us relax that shit) it is not common for girls to go natural with a "fro" if you will. kind of erica badu ishh if u ask me, but it probably can be done.

all types of body modifications are popular among the black scene kid community. It has come to my attention that septums, monroes, and any other form of lower/upper lip rings are common as opposed to eyebrow rings. This goes for both sexes.

sometimes black scene kids are confused with "cool kids" which is something kind of similar that i wont explain.

if your one of those people who hate scene kids, you will probably hate a black scene kid too.

black scene kids can listen to all kind of musical genres. They, like normal scene kids, and people in general, are free to branch out their range of musical interest.
omg, look at those black scene kids, they're so fly.

that black scene kid girl is way hotter than my ex girlfriend. I love black scene kids xD

Is it me or are black scene kids with corbin bleu fros really hot? o_o

I wish i had the gaul to be a black scene kid :/

Black scene kids really throw down at shows , hot damn.
by TrashyPanda October 29, 2008
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