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A person that goes on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) networks, with the word "helper" or "help" in his/her nickname, because they think that's the way to get IRCop (IRC Operator) access on that network.
That is not true, these people actually don't know anything, despite the word "help" in their name.
These people may think they know what they are talking about, or what they are doing, but the truth is, they have no clue about anything related to the internet.
webhelper19 only uses the word "help" in his nickname to get more power on WebChat.

webhelper19 is such an ass kisser

Dogg, stop saying welcome back to the opers, don't go webhelper19 on me.
by Trashlord June 25, 2005
An IRC Client for Windows.
First version released February 28th, 1995.
It is pretty much the most popular IRC client in the world, to date.
Has it's own Scripting language which allows you to create all kinds of "Sub-Programs" known as scripts.
Any n00b can create a small code in a matter of minutes from the first time he/she started scripting in it.
Doesn't take much of your memory.
Created by Khaled Mardam-Bey, as freeware at first.
But has turned into Shareware, requiring the users to register their copy, in 2004.

Many losers who try to script in mIRC don't want to view the help file, and always come begging for me to help them.
It gets really annoying.
by Trashlord October 10, 2005
The creator of the IRC protocol.

Jarkko created IRC back in 1988, it is the oldest multi-chat protocol in existence.

To use IRC, you need to an IRC client such as mIRC, xChat, Bersirc, etc.
Some IRC servers support java applets.
Jarkko Oikarinen created the IRC Protocol in Helsinky, Finland, back in 1988.
by Trashlord September 21, 2005
1. Typo for BRB
2. Acronym for Back Tomorrow Bye
John: btb for a second
Damien: man why you leaving?
John: damn typo, I meant BRB.
John: BTB.
Damien: aight see you tomorrow dogg.
by Trashlord July 05, 2005

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