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a person who is very cheap
dale: man that was an awesome party last night. But there's no grog left. How did Juso get drunk again?
Bev: did you check the left over beer bottles on the table? they're all empty. I think he drank the dregs...
by Trashed out Cats April 28, 2009
An affectionate name for the club 'Flamingoes' in Goulburn (also known as 'Dingoes). Is so popular that many Goulburn locals attend every night of the week. Some even sleep in the toilets during the day, so they never have to leave.
Choppy: God the Dirty Bird is so awesome. My feet keep sticking to the floor, and there's vomit on that chair. This whole place smells like pee, and there's heaps of sluts with their mouths open.
Ryan: Sshh, this is Juso's home, he'll hear you.
by Trashed out Cats April 28, 2009
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