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Estonia is one of the Baltic States, which is located in Northern Europe, with Finland, Russia and Latvia as their neighbours. The country's population is estimated as 1,342,409, half of which, if not more, are apathetic bigots or nationalists, who imagine Estonia as the axis that the world spins around.

Due to the aforementioned, visiting Estonia as a tourist may be difficult: few bother to learn a foreign language, and those few that do, won't bother to help you, unless you speak Estonian fluently and suck up to them.

Estonians hate Russians for political reasons, despite the fact they're completely uneducated in that area, and it would be a miracle if they at least knew what democracy is, and the recent riot demonstrated that they, in fact, do not. Confessing that you are Russian is equal to confessing that you are gay.

Perhaps the only reason to visit Estonia and its true beauty is its old towns, specifically, Tallinn's Old Town, with its glorious architectural styles. At least the buildings don't blabber on about how great Estonia is.
Estonian A: Doop dee maa taa ne?
Estonian B: Doo mee too kaa soot!
by TranslucentBliss June 24, 2007

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