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Japanese minivan sold from mid-eighties to early ninties. Humorous in its kinky demeanor and lack of a "name", the Toyota Van was a spectacle ahead of its time.
Fun facts about the T.V.:
Modern ancestor of the ricer
Arch nemesis of the Cadillac Escalade
Weaknesses include cold weather, rust, and compact discs
Exercise extreme caution when operating crank windows and cassette tape deck
Available in any color, as long as that color is ugly
See also Shaggin Wagon
I got moist in mah special places 'cause some old Toyota Van drove by!
by Transformer October 09, 2006
The act of collecting every last wallflower at a school dance or prom, cramming them into a van, sometimes (not always) involving several people making out with each other at any given time, typically lasting until the wee hours of the morning (or whenever curfew comes into play).
*NOTE* Wallfowers tend to have more dignity, or at the very least, be considerably more shy than the average "date". For this reason, Wallflower Orgies NEVER involve sexual intercourse, regardless of what the name may imply.
Ok, so Nick may have been a total nerd, but that wallflower orgy he had made me pretty jealous...
by Transformer April 28, 2005

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