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Refers to getting two kills with one shot on C.O.D. i.e. you aim at a guy with a sniper rifle and shoot, not knowing there is another person behind him. The bullet goes through the first guy and kills the second guy thereby giving you two kills with your one shot.
Guy 1: "Wait....how did we BOTH die?"

Guy 2: "The guy who shot me must've gotten collateral damage on you."
by TranscendentLion January 18, 2011
A C.O.D. insult used when someone is so bad at the game that they should just "break their disk" and stop playing.

Can also be used to undermine any significant achievement in the game.
Guy 1: "Damn I went 2 and 15 that round."

Guy 2: "Yo, just go break your disk."

Example 2

Guy 1: "HOLY SHIT! I just got collateral damage with a python!"

Guy 2: "You're sooooo bad, go break your disk."
by TranscendentLion January 18, 2011

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