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Pretty much the biggest annoyance in modern day video gaming.

First off, these people like to start shit with people that even mention other gaming series that rival the Call of Duty series, mainly Halo, Battlefield, and Metal of Honor, and these battles set off fanboys of the other series, causing these "wars" between the two series.

Second off, they don't know how to enjoy the game right without arguing. About everything. But the two that are probably argued about most is when they get killed, or blaming lag.

If they get killed, these fanboys scream random curse words and insults, just because they died. In a videogame. Take games waaaaay to seriously and act snobby.

And when the game lags, which, honestly, happens a lot to Call of Duty, they blame it for something that had happened during or previously to it. If they were killed during it, then they will get mad or/and ragequit.

Then, there are many different kinds of these fanboys, not all that I will name, but mainly the popular ones.

Kids- Many kids like playing Call of Duty because thats the "family game" nowadays. And by kid, I mean twelve and under. Trust me, you will get a lot of these. Not all of them are fanboys, just really annoying.

Assholes-13 and up. Have some of the most over used insults and comebacks ever, are just generally dicks.

Try-Hards- These people take the game the most seriously out of every one, and complain the most.
*commenting on a battlefield 3 video*
Me-"Man, this looks really good. I can't wait to play it*
Me-"Uh, what the fuck? If you don't like BF, then you don't have to comment on it"
Me-"Have you played Battlefield 3? OR Modern Warfare 3? Nope, because neither are out yet. All your saying is biased opinions, mother fucker. You Call of Duty Fanboys piss me off"
by TrainedSavior June 27, 2011
A phrase used by people (mostly male) after fingering a female, due to the "pleasant" oder the vagina leaves on the fingers.

However, most people who use this joke haven't actually gotten any, and are saying it to be funny or insulting, or are bragging about it. Best when used towards friends about people they're close to.
Jimmy: "Hey Timmy, you know your sister, Bella?"
Timmy: "Of course, what about her?"
Jimmy: " Smell my fingers ;) "

Ben: "So me and that hot co-worker Jenna went out to lunch somewhere private"
Mickey: "So?"
Ben: " Smell My Fingers "

Mickey: "Score!"
by TrainedSavior June 27, 2011
The art of slapping a girls boob, without groping.
Jared- "Sup, babe. Want me to show you what a pancake is?"
Unsuspecting girl- "Like, duh, its a food! What else can it be?"

*Jared pancakes the girl*

Girl- "You asshole! Oh... wait... ahahaha!"
by TrainedSavior October 14, 2011
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