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Male reproductive organ. In some East Indian language. Mainly used by geeky kids in certian schools.
Jerry: What's the problem with my computer speed?
Hairy: Your bulakai is far too small.
Jerry: Yeah, I need an upgrade.
Hairy: I bet you do!
Sally got pissed at Jared, so she cut off his bulakai.
Mary: Hairy told me to ask you for you're bulakai?
Sary <SLAP>
Mary: WTF!?!
by Trafficone January 01, 2004
Any small question, like: what the Hell do you mean? or: How is that supposed to work? or: You stuck WHAT WHERE?!?!?!
Jimmy: "I rooted your grandma's box! And I didn't have to use a Trojan!"
Sally: "Erg?"
by Trafficone September 25, 2003

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