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1 definition by Tracymuller

A female who unwittingly enters into a part-time relationship during the coldest season of the year, as drinking establishments close early and opportunities for casual sex become less available yet prohibitively more expensive, merely to satisfy someone's basic needs. The most contemptuous type of relationship in which a boy whispers sweet-nothings into a girls ear before disappearing for several days without explanation, bringing gifts, slowly objectifying her, treating her as a human condom, eventually terminating the affair when the weather improves or when he has found a suitable replacement.
Distinctive pattern of a winter wife:

- (Autumn equinox)
- Boy snares girl
- Boy invites girl to residence for sex
- (moment of climax)
- Boy turns on Sports channel
- Girl gets bored and goes home
- Boy smiles
- (Spring equinox)
- Boy ends relationship, goes nightclubbing
by Tracymuller December 24, 2012
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