1 definition by ToyMachine

Describes a l33t hax0r loser who spends all day hunched over a computer typing. These are people who went through life with no friends and try to give themselves a good status by reffering to themselves as "l33t hax0rz" that "pwnz0r j00", which I have never been able to figure out the meaning of.
If these asswipes went out and spent $140 on a nice(toy machine) skateboard and just learned to ollie, they would be infinitly cooler than they are now
l33t |-| /-\ X 0 |2: Yo, | /-\ /\/\ a l33t hax0rz. I pwnzord j00 ass. Now i will go suck a l33t |) | C |< which I will then proceed to pwnzor, just as i did you.
by ToyMachine January 09, 2004

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