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4 definitions by Toxin

n.: A party intended as a celebration of all things white trash. It typically involves wearing your trashiest attire and consuming suitably low brow food.

The name is originally derived from the trophy presented for best outfit. A combination of a bobble head version of the Rock mounted on a can of Spam.
"I'm going to bring some ambrosia salad to the Spamrock tonight."
by Toxin September 07, 2004
A mohawk as worn by a balding man. The net effect is a small vertical strip of hair on the back of a man's head, as he has lost all hair on the top of his head.
"Check out the baldhawk on the guy."
"Meh, at least it's not a rat tail."
by Toxin January 03, 2006
The rounded bulges of flesh that protrude around a bra or bikini top, typically caused by wearing a garment that is too tight. Inspired by the carapace of Dr. John Zoidberg M.D., as occasionally seen on the television show Futurama.
Look at the zoidbergs on her, she needs to drop a few pounds or get a new bikini.
by Toxin August 11, 2007
An individual that will accept multiple forms of currency as payment (or repayment) without preference. Typically, they travel or maintain bank accounts in multiple countries, especially Canada/USA or UK/Europe.
"Thanks for covering my tab last night, do you want American or Canadian Dollars?"

"Whichever, I'm bi-currency."
by Toxin August 11, 2007