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2 definitions by Totch

Animal version of a Foundling less commonly found in doorways like their human counterparts, Fotchlings are usually found on roadsides, in alleys and at the bottom of rivers weighted down with rocks.
Did you get your new one eyed puppy from the RSPCA ?

No it's a fotchling I found outside the pub.
by Totch May 25, 2007
1) NO WARNING SHOT Bristolish, British Thrash Punk hardcore band.

2)A strange tribe can be identified by the markings NWS tattooed on the inside of their bottom lip. Notorious for causing havoc and inciting violent riots.
1) YES MATTTTTEEE have you seen that 'NO WARNING SHOT' band yet. They're fierce !

2) That NWS crew are completely out of control
by Totch May 25, 2007