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Zandan (zandanko), is a person who is playing a computer game for so long, that he stops making diffrence between the real world and the virtual world, most often those games are MMORPGs like Lineage 2 and World Of Warcraft, that person goes 'wild' when he makes PvP, he starts yelling when he dies, he thinks that all of his Real Life friends must support him in-game, give him in-game currency, play for him only.That person spends all of him money for the game he plays.If you tell him that his char sucks, or that he cant PvP he will probably kill you with the closest sharp object he can find.
The term 'zandan' comes from a person whos nickname is 'zandanko' or 'zandana' he plays Lineage 2 in a local internet cafe.
Place: Internet cafe.
Person1: Hay whats up guys?
Person2: Nothing, we are playing Lineage2. as usual.
Person1: Whats up with Person3(zandanko wannabe ;P ), why doesnt he answer me?
Person2: I wouldn't talk to him right now.He died in PvP
Person1: Why not, ill try.
Person1: Hay, whats up Person3? Whats wrong?
Person3(angry): Shut the f**k up you f**king idiot, im going to kill you, cut you to 30 pieces, get you to the 100th floor of a skyscraper, and drop you from there, then im
going to kill your whole family.
That is 'zandanko'
by Totalimmortal January 29, 2006
Though commonly described as pop-punk/emo/rock/gay, this band is more akin to an unimaginably evil terrorist group which roams the world committing auditory genocide.

Imagine, if you will, taking the bubonic plague, the holocaust, and being anally violated by Satan himself, combining them all into one terrifying ordeal, and you'll be about 1/10th of the way toward being able to accurately describe the nigh unspeakable horror of having to listen to these douchebags.

In short, I god damn fucking hate Fall Out Boy.
Person #1: The situation in Darfur is tragic, it's so depressing...

Person #2: Yes, but, at least they're not being subjected the the so-called music of Fall Out Boy.

Person #1: God, you're right. Nevermind, those fuckers are lucky.


Person #1: So yeah, I have herpes...

Person #2: That sucks, but, at least you're not listening to Fall Out Boy.

Person #1: Oh god, that would be awful.
by Totalimmortal December 05, 2007
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