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1 definition by TossMyRoss

When a male, usually large in ego and physical prowess, would prefer just the pleasures of sexual relations rather than puny, unproductive foreplay. Most highly demanded during a time of stress or anxiety in regards to white men, and demanded on the usual (on the reg) for african american players. Usually performed by a female with low self esteem and inferior brain power.

When a romantic anniversary date never leaves the car. And the words "check please" are only used in direct reference to the male finishing.
"I don't want to be loved. I just want a quickie."

Woman: "How was your Grandfather's funeral, would you like to talk about it?"
Man: "Irrelevant, take my cock right"
Woman: "Are you sure?"
Man:"Yes, less talkie more sucky"
by TossMyRoss October 23, 2011