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A style of progressive rock music that has a distinct African or African American flavor. Unlike radio friendly rhythm and blues or motown pop, this music involves long compositions with extended solos. Sometimes psychedelic, sometimes symphonic, sometimes jazzy, but always rock based.
early 70s afro prog bands:
Osibisa, Mandrill, Assagai, Funkadelic, Cymande, War, Lonnie Liston Smith, Toubabou, Curtis Mayfield, Zzebra
by Tosi March 05, 2006
progressive rock music with a distinct African or African American flavor

This term first appeared on usenet in an Italian language progressive rock discussion forum in 1999 and has been used on various other internet forums since then.
Some musical artists who are considered Afro Prog are Assagai, Mandrill, Osibisa, Funkadelic, Toubabou, War, Cymande
by Tosi March 06, 2006

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