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3 definitions by Torito

A elderly male with a Tacticul Opticus disorder. White hair can indicate the signs on being a White Lion. (Comes in a set complete with a champagne glass). Available only in Luna, Finland.
Your average dude that plays TO.
by Torito July 24, 2003
lame ass twat with big attitude problem
he's a whitelion !
by Torito July 26, 2003
The coolest place to visit with anime porn, great technology, and the country that supplies our cars because American cars suck balls.
Japan is much better than America because when America made the Atomic bomb it has escaladed to thepoint where every body could nuke each other. Also the national anthom of America sucks... so does their flag. Hentai 4 ever!!!!
by Torito April 21, 2005