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3 definitions by Tori Young

a made up race that only a very limited group of people belong to; the answer to boring school surveys about drugs and bullying
Dude, what's your race?
I'm a Merfairyfrogopian.
A what?
A Merfairyfrogopian.
by Tori Young April 07, 2008
5 2
1.A very common name, a name you call someone when you don't know or forgot their first name

2.When used as a girl name, they are usually really cool and nice.

3. The name of very fat orange cats, usually not intentional

1. Phil: Hey Bob, get over here.
Jeff: My names Jeff.
Phil: Thats what i said Bob.

2. Have you met Bob?
Yeah, isn't she awesome.

3. My family let me name our new cat!
What'd you name it?
Bob of course.
by Tori Young July 03, 2008
7 8
1.)A random word you can find on some semi's. No one actually knows the correct meaning of this word.

2.)An emotion you say you are feeling when you can't find the right one to describe what you're feeling
Hey, How are you?
I'm feeling kind of javic.
by Tori Young April 08, 2008
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